AeroFox (aerofox) wrote in classicamiga,

A1200 connection to broadband internet

I have an Amiga 1200 which I would like to get back in operation.

It has a Viper 1230/28 RTC Also known as a M-Tec T1230/28 RTC
68030 accelerator which when it has 8 megs of memory installed, makes the PCMCIA slot useless. I could just use 4 megs, but even 8 is anemic :P (I would use my Apollo 1240, but it unfortunately is defective)

So, how to connect it to the internet? I found this device which appears to be a bridge between a serial device and ethernet. From what I understand, it emulates a modem and will provide a PPP connection to the broadband router. (That is if I'm reading things correctly?)

Does anyone here have any experience with something like this? $182 is a bit much to spend and find out it doesn't work. I would be using the dial-up TCP/IP software that comes with OS 3.9
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