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I can hear the silence behind the noise.

The mask of Zorro 1...

Apparently the folks over at The Big Book of Amiga hardware have all forgotten the existence of the Zorro 1 specification. Take the Pal Jr. as an example. They have completely confused the Z-1 slots for Z-2, and go as far as saying they are some kind of "custom configuration" or so.

I ought to e-mail them or something and remind them. The Pal Jr. and Amiga 1000 expansion boxes like it adhered to the original Zorro 1 standard. Zorro 2 didn't come out until that part of the Amiga 2000 design had been finalized.

Both Z-1 and Z-2 are the same as far as bus specifications are concerned; as they found out you can plug in half sized Z-2 cards into a Z-1 slot and they will work. But Z-1 had a completely different form factor. The expansion cards were square.

I wish I still had my old Amiga magazines from the time, where this was all clearly explained and I remember it well! I'm sure someone else out there remembers this. I mean, there was a reason why Zorro 2 was called "2" and not "1", haha!
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