Miss Blue Angie (amiga_rippermod) wrote in classicamiga,
Miss Blue Angie

Greetings from a Female Amiga Fan

Hello all Amiga-maniacs. I'm a girl with a huge passion of my Amiga 500 since 1996. I still adore Amiga but unfortunatly she's "dead" (some keys such as CTRL ALT Amiga SHIFT and the mouse clicks are all broken) but I still have my own Amiga PC with me.

I have a channel at YouTube.com with the same username as my LJ and I hosted a few vids of some Amiga games of my own. I have a program named Lemonade that I download from LemonAmiga.com website. You need a WinUAE and kickstart ROMS to run it. I got theme with a simple help of some "partners" of the Lemon website

Who remember this wonderful intro from "Premiere" (1992;Core Design & The 8th Day)

Pinball Wizard (1987;Kingsoft)

A missing sense from the Amiga CD32 game "Zool 2" (Zooz in Action)

and to finish my post...Twintris (1990)

I still need to do more recordings...however I still play lots of Amiga games.

My fave from all times is of course "The Settlers" and with that whole passion of War and Strategy games I created a community about Settlers and other related games...

Find it at

C yo all!
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