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sure... it seems obvious now...

Since the recent comment in "The Joy Of Tech" about the OS X 10.5 feature that gives the desktop multiple desktops.. "Wow. Virtual desktops.. They're finally part of the Mac OS? How quaint!" it got me thinking.

On the Amiga, sure, you can have multiple screens up, which you can pull down to reveal, hide, resort, etc... but Workbench never used more than one screen. AmiWM does, since that's all it does, but not the original Workbench...

The concept of multiple desktops existed back then... at least to the very early 1990s (since I remember things like TVTWM and such) but they never made it over to Workbench.

In retrospect, it seems totally obvious... multiple Workbench screens, each with different apps running on them (for workbench-screen apps), different file browsing windows open, etc.

So... yeah. Virtual Desktops were sooo almost there, but not quite. I guess I didn't really have a point with this.

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