I can hear the silence behind the noise. (coyoteseven) wrote in classicamiga,
I can hear the silence behind the noise.

Amiga 2000 progress report

Well, as suggested to me, I snipped off the battery last night from my Amiga 2000 motherboard and cleaned the area off some more as best I could. It looked like the battery leaked on one side and not the other. The top silked layer, or whatever it is, was worn off. At one spot I could see the copper colored traces. Eep! I thought maybe that could be my old A-2000's doom.

With nothing else connected to it, no expansion boards, floppy drives, mice or keyboard or anything at all but the power supply, I plugged it in and hooked up the b/w video output to a television. I turned it on but I got nothing. No signal or anything. The power LED did not even change brightness, it just turned on and stayed on. I was about to become dismayed, but then I thought that maybe all the socketed chips needed reseating. I turned the computer off and did just that. Every socketed chip made a slight creak as I pushed them down, gently but firmly, and I did so until they creaked no more!

I turned my Amiga 2000 back on. This time it actually came to life. The "Insert Workbench" screen came up, showing that it was running a Kickstart 3.1 ROM. Excellent!
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